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April 1, 2023

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I saw the UPS truck pull up yesterday and my heart skipped a beat, because I have been waiting all week for what was in this package. Ya’ll, my wallpaper samples came in from Rebel Walls and I can’t contain the excitement. This good guide Friday just got even better! But now for the hard part… trying to pick one, because seriously I am in love with all of them. Which one is your favorite?

1. things I’m wanting, loving or eager to try

good guide
Cozy Cottage

eager to try… This brownie recipe that caught my eye because of one special ingredient I’ve never tried!

wanting… The most practical alternative to a window box and now I am searching for more windows to add this too!

loving… this new jumpsuit, sure to be a summer staple!

recently ordered… this new facial beauty tool – amazing for inflammation, redness, circulation and headaches

obsessed… I keep falling more in love with patterns and this entire home is stealing my heart

things I own & love…

2. account I’m loving

I’ve been following Julia, @arceriinteriors, for a while now. She is one of those accounts that I know when I get the notification that she posted, it will always be encouraging, inspiring or absolutely beautiful… and it is usually all three combined. I’ve never seen someone take a builder grade home like she has and make it a pure masterpiece. Not only her design style but her love for Jesus just simply brings my heart so much joy. Hearing her faith so openly and boldly is the greatest testament to her page and why I absolutely love following her. And I think you could be inspired as well too… I mean do these pictures even seem real 😍

3. a yummy spring menu

good guide recipes
I have a thing for anything chicken and veggies…This recipe is super easy and delicious!

Recipe Here. You will not be disappointed in this fresh berry cobbler!

This cobbler would be perfect with those fresh berries you picked from my Spring Bucket List!

4. links I’m loving

Who knew a chopping board could wear so many hats 🙌🏼

If walls could talk, I can’t imagine what the walls of these places would say… WOW!

Ummmmm…. So who is going to Sri Lanka with me ASAP? 😍

#2 is still one of my favorite doable-DIY’s I’ve added to our home 🙌🏼 .. it changed the entire room! 

I am so surprised I’ve never heard the correct verbiage for #10… even after installing it in one of our rooms! 

This is a short & sweet read but full of valuable information if you are wanting to start a garden! 

5. good words

o n e s t e p a t a t i m e

t r u t h.

P E R I O D.

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  1. Karla Fisher says:

    Thank you so much Tina!! You understand my dilemma because they are all so good! I honestly want them all somewhere in our home, but there was one that I just can’t stop dreaming of here so I can’t wait to share!

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