Classic French Bread


October 14, 2020

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When it comes to favorite foods around here, classic french bread will never be a wrong answer. Y’all, I started this blog mainly to share all things home and DIY, but here we are 6 posts in and the only thing I’ve yet to share has been food. I don’t know what that says about The Fisher House, but Im pretty sure it means we just love good food AND your girl simply loves to cook!! Many people have told me that their favorite rooms in their home are the living room, bedroom or outdoor patio.. but over here, its hands down the Kitchen!! Get ready to have your stomach swooning, because this super easy recipe is a lifetime winner!

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french bread


2 1/2 cups warm water

2 Tbsp fast acting yeast

2 Tbsp sugar

1 Tbsp sea salt

5 1/2 cups All purpose flour

Additions: Herbs (fresh and dried), shredded cheeses, I’ve also made it into more sweet bread that included orange cranberry. The possibilities are endless folks!! Have fun, experiment!!


  • Mix water and yeast until dissolved and let sit for about 5 mins.
  • Add in flour, sugar and salt. Knead all until its fully incorporated and a soft dough. (tip: I mix the flour, sugar and salt prior to adding to wet ingredients to ensure it mixes evenly)

  • Once fully mixed, place tea towel over bowl and put in warm area, I usually put in a warm oven first for about 15 mins then remove to sit on the stove for another 45.
  • After it has doubled in size, separate into two even parts. Take the dough and mold into two long loaves. I usually twist mine like a towel and place down on a parchment lined baking sheet. Note: If putting mix-ins inside the dough, this is the time to do that.
french bread
  • Make slits with a sharp knife on top of dough. If desired you can brush with some EVOO!
  • Now is the time to garnish with herbs if you did not previously mix-in.. Or double it up!! I DO 🙂
  • Cover dough again with a tea towel for approx. 20 mins.
  • Heat oven to 450 degrees.
  • Remove towel and bake for 13 mins or until the top is a golden brown.

Serve with butter, honey, or a big kitchen swatch to beat the others away because it is that good y’all!

french bread

This french bread pairs so well with my Homemade Spaghetti!!


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