A DIY Thrifted Vase Makeover: Neutral Edition!


March 16, 2023

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I have done my fair share of DIY thrifted vase makeovers and lamp makeovers over the past several years. I would even say the majority of them have been dark, dimensional and moody, but this new take has my heart equally enough. There is so many fun ways to up-cycle thrifted vases. The neutral creamy beige is timeless and classic, and can carry into any season. And the dark and moody, well… They just set the mood! If you are new to DIY or just need a little creative afternoon project to get the juices flowing.. this is IT! With minimal supplies needed and an even smaller amount of time, you could totally transform a vessel for a fraction of the cost of buying one of these beauties!

DIY Textured Vase

Let’s break down the steps for this texture goodness and my secret kitchen ingredient that helped achieve it!


Step 1: Apply Spackling

This step is very relaxed. The application process doesn’t have to be uniform, just apply with fingers all over vase leaving a thin layer covering.

Step 2: Sand

After allowing the spackling to dry for an afternoon, I took my sanding block and lightly scuffed off any rough edges or peaks. I wanted to keep as much texture as possible without any sharp or pointy edges.

Step 3: Mix Paint Concoction

Using a small plastic bowl, I poured in approximately 2 cups of the Mesa Taupe. I added several tablespoons of the course salt and a few tablespoons of the Peat moss into the same bowl. (The purpose of the peat moss was for additional texture.) Mix this thoroughly!

Step 4: Apply Paint

Take a paint brush and cover entire vase. The paint mixture will be thick from the moss and salt additives, that is exactly what we are going for, because the texture comes from this!

Have fun with the paint color and make it your own. The possibilities really are endless!

And that is all…

I truly couldn’t love how they turned out more! I’ve included an additional mini-video tutorial below. Let me know what you think in the comments below and as always I love to hear all about your recent thrifting treasures!

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