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May 5, 2023

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This weeks good guide comes with the hope that you truly leave inspired, encouraged and well loved. I mentioned over in stories this week that I’ve kinda been struggling in the comparison trap. And I say trap and not game, because that is what it is… A TRAP, straight from the enemy. It isn’t a coincidence that the enemy loves to keep us trapped in a cycle or locked into lies. John 10:10 says, “The enemy comes to steal, kill and destroy.” So any chance he can find to keep up away from walking in our full potential, he will, and comparison is one of those things he uses in overtime in this generation.

I mean look at what we have at any given moment right at our fingertips… Social apps that are never ending. But to simply break it down for you, WE HAVE A CHOICE. We can get wrapped up in consuming or we can get captivated in creating. Trust me, I get it. It’s freaking hard sometimes. I’m there, more than I would like to admit 🙋🏽‍♀️ I’ve even had some really tough moments as of recently with questioning my purpose or if I am even inspiring or bringing value to those around me. (I told you I don’t have it all together!) But here’s the thing, those are just crazy lies that I recognize that grow when I am too busy looking O U T.. rather than looking within.

So, here’s what I want to hopefully encourage you with today in my good guide…. Will you take a quick minute right now, yes- right now! Go look in the mirror, look in your eyes, take a deep breath and I want you to name 5 things you love about yourself. Just 5! Maybe you can name more or maybe right now you are having a hard time naming one, I want you to stop and really dig deep about what brings you joy when you think of you. Now take those things, write them down and I want you to focus on those things this week. How can you grow those beautiful attributes, share them with others or even use them to encourage those around you.

Kill Comparison with Compassion!

I read this thread this week and it was like someone was literally inside of my mind.. You HAVE to go read through these slide and I hope they encourage you and remind you of truth like they did me!

1. things i’m loving, wanting or eager to try

loving… seeing and reading this history reinforce my love for my favorite recent DIY!

wanting… I never knew there was so many kinds of clamps & had so many amazing uses.. I need large clamps desperately !

I can’t wait…. to make these cookies.. fun fact: anything lemon is my favorite in a dessert!

eager to make… these crazy simple tortillas!

loving… this shirt will be my summer staple for those pool days or a target run! SUCH A CLASSIC 😍

👆🏽 I can’t get over this gorgeous framed art print– what a STEAL!

👆🏽 I am slowing switching all my jars to these well made high quality & CUTE glass jars!

👆🏽 these faux tulips that I have in our pantry look and feel soooo real.. the colors are stunning- they come in so many options!

2. account i’m loving

I’ve been following Ali @mustardseedbeginnings for a while now and not only is she a light in this world, her eye for design, pattern, color, and bringing life to her home is impeccable. I could write 10 paragraphs about her in the good guide today, but I’ll let you go see the beauty she creates, for yourself!

Her bathroom is one of my favorites!

3. a yummy spring menu (Cinco de mayo style)

  • HURRYYYYY.. Mom’s get a free plant at Lowes’s for Mothers Day weekend… and they have a lot of fun things planned and gifts in store as well. Register HERE to get your plant!

5. good words

the classics never fail!
I n e e d e d t h e s e

Happy Good Guide Friday, my dear friends!

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