The Good Guide: Friday Five


June 3, 2023

Fisher Foods

Join me as I set out to make our house a HOME, one project and season at a time. Sharing all the good, the struggle and the in between. Grab a blanket and get cozy!

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I feel pretty accomplished this Good Guide Friday, because our entry way is finally complete. I will preface that with a little disclaimer because I actually may still paint the door and trim the green cabinet color. My mind is not fully decided yet. I mentioned my options in last weeks newsletter. Thank you to everyone that responded with different ideas on what to do. I did actually paint the door and half way up the stair wall all the same color (SW Alabaster) because I think a lot of what was distracting me was how this end of the short entry hallway was three different colors/patterns. It just felt so crazy off. Now that it is one even color it actually looks good. So I wanted to live with it for a little while and then decide if I was going to paint the door the green. Stay tuned, you never know what wild hair I’ll have one day and decide to just go with it! I know you are up for all my wild and spontaneous DIY decisions 😂

Never forget….

1. things i’m wanting, loving or eager to try

eager to try… these sound like the best summer treat on a hot day!

loving… The journey of this study has been so refreshing to watch. If you learn anything today it’s this…. It’s OKAY to change your mind, multiple times if needed. Don’t ever settle no matter what! 

wanting… to try this viral $7 shower hack that I have no idea why I didn’t know about 😳

👆 loving these aesthetically beautiful and highly reviewed silicone kitchen set!

👆 these New Balance walking shoes will be my next shoe purchase. The reviews are so good and they come in a ton of colors!!

👆 I got this pedicure Foot Bath for my birthday and if you like to soak your feet or do your own pedicures like I do to save money, you will want this! It heats, has a pumice stone, massage rollers and bubbles!

2. account i’m loving

If you are a photographer or simply just want to learn and be better at photography, Julia is where it’s at. Not ONLY does she make food photography look like I can taste it through the lens, she gives a little tip on her posts. I’ve learned so much through her and I dare you to scroll through her page and not leave hungry 😆🙌🏼

3. a fun summer menu

You could easily substitute a simple handmade graham cracker crust and this would still be super delicious!

4. links i’m loving

So inspired by these vintage homestead colors from HGTV… especially that last color 😍

These before and after photos are incredible!

“To feel tranquility in a space, everything needs to be in order” Ashton Kutcher – I can’t get over this house and the order of every space!

The BEST sidewalk shop sign I’ve seen 🤣.. but also, I would totally go in just because of this! 

My mood-board for our master bedroom refresh includes this in the plan and I’m on board if it helps with better sleep!

5. good words

it always tastes better!
I don’t know who else needed this, but I know I did!

Happy Good Guide Friday, My Friends!

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