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August 18, 2023

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Join me as I set out to make our house a HOME, one project and season at a time. Sharing all the good, the struggle and the in between. Grab a blanket and get cozy!

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What a week it has been, ya’ll! This is truly a GOOD guide Friday because we have a completed patio. The ups and downs of this project has had me all over the place. From the crazy mishap under the door bottom to the never ending unpredictable weather and storms (that took out a huge tree in our natural area), I have been on my toes finishing this gorgeous transformation! I gave a sneak peak to my newsletter besties of the finished floors today and if you are wondering, they turned out better than I could have ever imagined. The only thing I regret is waiting several years to do it! Next up on the big project list, FINALLY, the laundry room!

a reminder for those that missed my mood-board 😍

1. things i’m loving, wanting or eager to try

LOVING… this fall staple open layering cardigan! 😍

blown away… by this hack 😳

wanting… Don’t come at me, but I’m REALLY in the spirit and want to do this, like now 😬

eager to try… making one of these!! Can I make this a public goal and statement that I will learn how to make one in the next 2 years! 🙋‍♀️

loving… this simple reminder!

👆🏽 This rug is even more beautiful in person… and there is no way to describe the cloud pile feel under your feet, you just need to experience it for yourself!

👆🏽 I can’t believe the quality of this pullover, I promise you will see this worn over and over this fall/winter. If you like oversized like me, this one is for you. I’m 5’4″ 165 lbs and the medium and large both wore beautifully!

👆🏽 I have another version of this pillow brand and blown away again by the quality. The color options are endless!

2. good follow

Rachael over @casa_de_columbie is one of those creatives that will inspire you daily. Her ability to see a room and give it the character and personality it always needed, blows me away. Case in point, this laundry room makeover. I love how effortless yet intentional every piece is, from the modern lines of the light fixture to the cottage warmth of the wallpaper and wood stain to the functionality of the peg rail wall, everything has such a beautiful purpose. And TRUST ME, every room she touches morphs into this beauty to behold! I have no doubt you will be so inspired by Rachael as well.. Tell her I sent you 😉

3. (last) summer menu

Bacon Onion Asiago Cheese Fondue.. you had me at bacon 🤤
Chicken Parmesan Burgers
A Super Easy Apple Crisp

4. links i’m loving

I think we all could use this happy smile!!!

More kitchen inspo for the future of our kitchen… may be at the bottom of my DIY list but saving inspo is always on top!

This precious couple encouraged my heart so much this week.. not only the dancing but every encouraging caption 🥲

There is literally so much beauty right in our backyard!

5. good words

so much truth!

Happy Good Guide Friday, My Friends!

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