The Good Guide: Friday Five


April 26, 2024

Fisher Foods

Join me as I set out to make our house a HOME, one project and season at a time. Sharing all the good, the struggle and the in between. Grab a blanket and get cozy!

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This good guide friday is sponsored by strong coffee, my peppermint headache roll-on and lots of prayer. But I am equally excited about a NEW project I will be starting soon. I just received all the product in from an amazing company and one of my dream projects will be happening! STAY TUNED!!!!! Now for a little laughter, a lot of encouragement and maybe some inspiration!

1. things I’m loving, wanting or eager to try

Eager.. for what’s coming to The Fisher House!

Loving … these simplicity’s!

Wanting… to try this for the boys– Don’t knock it till you try it!!!!!

👆🏽 I started drinking tea every single night last year and I don’t think I will ever look back. It’s my wind down every night and I am discovering a whole new world of tea connoisseurs! This tea holder I recently got is AMAZING!

👆🏽 You need this bag for your pool or beach days this summer. It is one of my FAVORITES!

👆🏽 I use this over the sink colander all the time, especially for cleaning fruits, berries and of course draining noodles. Another kitchen gadget you didn’t know you needed!

2. good find

I’ve shared these 20+ times and I will keep sharing them because they will forever be on my top 10 Best Amazon Finds AND they are almost 40% off right now!

3. good foods

4. links i’m loving

I need this posted on the fridge to remember everyday!

You ask how things have been going?!? 

I feel like this is such a “common” life reminder… but maybe the common ones are the ones we must truly remember everyday. Pure tears!

Please don’t judge me!

I’m writing this down in my journal!

5. good words

happy good guide friday, my friends!

Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links. By clicking these links or purchasing items recommended by me, I will receive a small commission, at NO extra cost to you. You can rest assured if I am recommending a product, I love it! As always, thank you for supporting The Fisher House!

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