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October 16, 2021

Fisher Foods

Join me as I set out to make our house a HOME, one project and season at a time. Sharing all the good, the struggle and the in between. Grab a blanket and get cozy!

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This weeks Friday’s Good Guide is giving me all the feels…..I can’t believe it, the pantry RENO is DONE. Besides a few details that I will finish up over the next few days, all the renovation is complete and I seriously don’t know what to say right now. My emotions are all over the place. If you have poured your heart into a huge project like this I think you can totally relate and understand this crazy feeling. Below is only half of the goodness that I revealed this past week but doesn’t even come close to what is to the right of this picture. Stay tuned and if you haven’t yet, you can follow The Fisher House so you don’t miss anything!! But for now let’s share some of my favorite things from this week!

  1. The star of the show for these shelves couldn’t have happened without these amazing brackets. I have used these brackets multiple times now throughout our home and I am always amazed by their durability and design. They come as raw forged steel but if you missed it, check it out HERE to see how I customized them for this particular room!!

2. It is still 535 degrees outside here in NC, but this yummy sweater is making me want to curl up with hot apple cider and dream of fall weather! I wish they made this in a sweater dress because I can promise you it wouldn’t come off all winter long!

3. Do you like baths? If you do, this bottomless bath gadget is about to CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

4. This Kitchen literally brought my scroll to a dead stop this week. I mean can you even with that ARCH!!! This is just breathtaking! And don’t get me started on those two stunner light fixtures.

Lauren Liess

5. FALL FRIDAY RECIPE: I am a complete sucker for breads. Like ANY bread this beautiful earth can produce. But if you add some kind of fall flavor to it, you might as well just take it away from me because I.CAN’T.STOP.EATING.IT. And here is exhibit A of me trying to not eat half the loaf before the hubby comes home… lol

If the tender gooey goodness of the bread wasn’t enough, you go and throw on this nutty sugary streusel for the topping. All seriousness, if there is one recipe you need to make this fall, it is THIS 👇🏽

Walnut Cinnamon Streusel Pumpkin Bread

6. A dose of truth for your FRIDAY!!

Thank you again for being here. I am deeply and humbly thankful for each of you. Don’t forget to hop on over to IG and say hi, would love to hear where you are from and how you found me! Have an amazing weekend!

But the Lord stood with me and gave me strength.

2 Timothy 4:17

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